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" of port <br /> Townsen <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: David Timmons <br /> FROM: Catherine McNabb <br /> Subject: Bid Results for Daniel Defense Rifles <br /> The City called for bids for 20 Daniel Defense rifles with sights and carrying cases. <br /> There was a provision for brand substitutions. All requests for substitutions needed to <br /> be submitted by 5:00 PM, Thursday, February 23, 2017. <br /> We had one request for substitution from Battle Rifle. Upon examination of their <br /> specifications and online reviews of the rifle, Chief Evans decided that no substitution by <br /> this brand was allowed. Battle Rifle submitted a bid with the disallowed substitution. <br /> Therefore this bid is rejected as non-responsive. <br /> Wade's Eastside Gun Shop submitted a bid with a total price of$29,626.20 which was <br /> the apparent low bid. However, when I reviewed the proposal they did not charge tax on <br /> the shipping nor did they include shipping in their total bid. I verified with the <br /> Washington State Department of Revenue that shipping is a taxable item. The inclusion <br /> of shipping and the tax on the shipping increased their bid by $407.85 bringing the total <br /> to $30,034.95. This is the second lowest bid. <br /> Kiesler Police Supply of Jeffersonville, Indiana has the low bid of$29.988.95. <br />