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The City of Port Townsend,Washington ("City")is seeking a qualified vendor to perform <br /> photogrammetric services. The City intends to contract with the successful respondent("Vendor")to <br /> finalize a project plan,including delivery schedule,in preparation for a March,2017 aerial mapping <br /> project. The project area includes Port Townsend and adjoining areas totaling approximately 19.4 <br /> square miles. <br /> The City of Port Townsend will receive sealed proposals in the office of the City Clerk, 250 Madison St <br /> #2, Port Townsend,Washington, by 3:00 pm(PDT), Friday, February 10,2017. Proposals may also be <br /> submitted electronically by sending an email to . It is the responsibility of the <br /> proposer to verify either by email or telephone (360-379-5089) that the proposal has been received. <br /> To receive a full proposal packet please email Catherine McNabb at cmcnabb Or the <br /> proposal packet may be viewed on the City's website at <br /> Those who wish to automatically receive any addenda or a notice of cancellation should provide contact <br /> information by emailing Catherine McNabb, atcmcnabb@c Those who do not provide <br /> contact information are solely responsible for monitoring the City's website for any addenda to the RFP <br /> or a notice of cancellation. <br /> David Timmons <br /> City Manager <br />