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Port Townsend Municipal Code Page 1/45 <br /> Chapter 17.08 DEFINITIONS <br /> Chapter 17.08 <br /> DEFINITIONS <br /> Sections: <br /> 17.08.010 Generally. <br /> 17.08.020 A through D. <br /> 17.08.030 E through H. <br /> 17.08.040 I through M. <br /> 17.08.050 N through Q. <br /> 17.08.060 R through V. <br /> 17.08.070 W through Z. <br /> 17.08.010 Generally. <br /> For the purpose of this title,certain words and terms used herein are defined as follows:All words used in the <br /> present tense include the future tense;all words in the plural number include the singular number,and all words in <br /> the singular number include the plural number,unless the natural construction of the wording indicates otherwise. <br /> The word"lot'includes the word"plot';the word"building"includes the word"structure";and the word"shall'is <br /> mandatory and not discretionary.The word"used"also includes"designed,intended or arranged to be used."Unless <br /> otherwise specified,all distances shall be measured horizontally.The word"city"means the city of Port Townsend, <br /> in Jefferson County,state of Washington.The term"city council'means the city council of said city.The term <br /> "building inspector"means the building inspector of the city.The term"building official'means the building <br /> official of the city. (Ord.2571 §2, 1997). <br /> 17.08.020 A through D. <br /> "Abandoned sign"means a sign that no longer correctly identifies,exhorts,or advertises any person,business, <br /> lessor,lessee,owner,product,or activity conducted or available on or off the premises on which such sign is <br /> located. <br /> "Abutting"means having a common border with or being separated from such common border by a public <br /> right-of-way.See also"Contiguous." <br /> "Accessory building"means a subordinate building attached to or detached from the principal building,used for <br /> purposes customarily incidental to the use of the principal building and situated on the same lot.Accessory buildings <br /> include but are not limited to an automobile storage garage,play house,laundry room,garden shelter,hobby room <br /> and mechanical room.The director may allow,or allow with conditions,an enclosed garden shelter absent a <br /> principal building;provided,that the shelter does not exceed 64 square feet in size and is associated with a regularly <br /> maintained garden. <br /> "Accessory dwelling unit"means a separate dwelling unit that is substantially contained within the structure of a <br /> single-family residence or an outbuilding which is accessory to such residence. <br /> "Accessory use"means a use incidental and subordinate to the principal use and located on the same lot or in the <br /> same building as the principal use. <br /> "Addition(to an existing building)"means any roofed and/or walled expansion to the perimeter of a building in <br /> which the addition is connected by a common load-bearing wall other than a fire wall.Any walled roofed and/or <br /> addition that is connected by a fire wall or is separated by independent perimeter load-bearing walls is considered to <br /> be new construction. <br /> "Adult arcade"means a commercial establishment containing individual viewing areas or booths where,for any <br /> form of consideration,including a membership fee,one or more still or motion picture projectors,slide projectors, <br /> digital images or other similar image-producing machines are used to show films,motion pictures,video cassettes, <br /> slides,or other visual representations that are distinguished or characterized by a predominant emphasis on matters <br /> depicting,describing,or simulating any specified sexual activities or any specified anatomical areas. <br /> The Port Townsend Municipal Code is current through Ordinance 3132,pa ed August 3,2015. <br />