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Speak Up Port Townsend ! <br /> Terms and Conditions <br /> Got a great idea that you think would benefit the city?Want to share it with others?Then Speak Up Port Townsend! <br /> Speak Up Port Townsend is an online portal designed to enhance community engagement. It's a moderated platform to <br /> encourage citizen ideas,gain feedback on city initiatives,and prioritize community interests. <br /> Post your idea,or participate in discussions and forums regarding your community.The ideas and other feedback <br /> contributed on this website will go directly to policy makers and departmental leadership. <br /> Things to Know <br /> • Visit to set up a user account. <br /> • As a city program,Speak Up Port Townsend is subject to the Public Records Act. User information and posts are <br /> subject to public disclosure. In order to sign up,a user must provide their first and last name and physical address or <br /> they will be removed from the system. <br /> • After signing up,you will receive a welcome email. <br /> • Once you post an idea,you will receive an automated email confirmation and within two days the status of your idea <br /> will change to"Acknowledged,"meaning it has been viewed by staff. Be sure to log on frequently to see if your idea <br /> status has changed. (See definitions) <br /> • Most importantly,share your posts through social media to encourage your friends to support your ideas. Users can <br /> also comment on the ideas of others. If this happens you will receive an email notifying you that there is a comment <br /> on your original post. <br /> • If an idea is posted and there appears to be broad user support for the idea,the mayor and city manager will decide <br /> whether to elevate the idea to city leadership for further discussion or consideration. In the system,this progress will <br /> be shown as"Under Review, Planned,In Progress,or Completed." <br /> • As a user,you will be notified when the city posts a new Discussion Topic, Forum, Project,or Survey. In addition to <br /> posting your own ideas,we hope that you will participate in these public input opportunities as well. <br /> • Speak Up Port Townsend is not meant to replace one on one correspondence between citizens and elected officials. <br /> City Council members can be contacted directly at any time. <br /> • Speak Up Port Townsend is a mechanism for sharing ideas and building community.The City's Citizen Concern <br /> process is to be used for specific service requests and problem reporting. <br /> Functions <br /> Ideas:This is where users are encouraged to post their great idea(s)for Port Townsend. Is there something you would like <br /> to see happen in Port Townsend?Share it on the forum.Then encourage your friends to like your idea by easily connecting <br /> and sharing it to Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.Just select the appropriate icon below the description of your <br /> idea, log into the site and share with your online community.A member of staff will review the idea and respond with one <br /> of the statuses listed below. <br /> Forums: From time to time,the city will post a forum and ask users to give their feedback. Forums are places to collect <br /> ideas tailored around specific topics such as city programs, new policies,or planning initiatives.They are ideal for time <br /> sensitive idea collection,and good for collecting new ideas around public and community plans. For example,the city could <br /> create a forum called"New Neighborhood Park",and invite users to submit ideas about what they would want to see in a <br /> new neighborhood park.They can like,comment,and share ideas as they would for general ideas. <br /> Discussions: Discussions are a series of open-ended topics with multiple questions posted by the city. Users can offer their <br /> views on a topic and respond to others. For example,the city might want to get feedback on how to build a new <br /> neighborhood park.The discussion could be called"New Neighborhood Park"and ask a series of questions related to it such <br />