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CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND <br /> ART IN PUBLIC PLACES POLICY AND PROCEDURE <br /> I. PURPOSE <br /> To provide a process for the implementation of the City of Port Townsend to administer a public art <br /> program, the Percent for Arts Program and other public art funding sources as they pertain to temporary <br /> or permanent placement of visual art on publicly owned property. <br /> II. DEFINITIONS <br /> Accession —The formal process of accepting and documenting an artwork into the Public Art Collection. <br /> Artist - Individual, team of individual artists, or artist team leader of individuals from other disciplines <br /> who has established a professional reputation within the visual arts field by virtue of education or training, <br /> peer recognition, and whose body of work and professional activities demonstrates serious ongoing <br /> commitment to visual arts. <br /> Artist Selection Panel —A panel appointed by the Committee for each specific public art project. The <br /> Panel is a group that includes the Public Art Committee, arts professionals (including public art <br /> fabricators), city departments, citizen groups with relative interests, members of City boards and <br /> commissions, and users of the public facility, as appropriate. <br /> City—City of Port Townsend, Washington <br /> Commission —Port Townsend Arts Commission <br /> Committee—The Public Art Committee is a sub-committee appointed by the Commission, made up of a <br /> minimum of 3 members of the Commission and is responsible for recommending to the Commission on <br /> matters relating the implementation of the Art in Public Places Policy and Procedure. <br /> Construction Project—Any project paid for wholly or in part by the city of Port Townsend to construct or <br /> remodel any building, decorative or commemorative structure, park, street, sidewalk, or any substantial <br /> portion thereof within the city limits of the city of Port Townsend. <br /> Consultant—Any firm, individual,joint venture or team of firms or individuals with which the City <br /> contracts for the design of a construction project. <br /> Council—City of Port Townsend City Council. <br /> De-Accession —The indefinite or permanent removal of an art work from permanent display, whether it is <br /> disposed of or not. <br /> Department—Any department of the City government owning, managing, or having jurisdiction over any <br /> site, facility, building, or other space, existing or planned, that may be a potential site for public artwork. <br /> Design Team —A team of professionals brought together to design a construction project which may <br /> include, but not limited to, artists, architects, landscape architects and engineers. <br /> Documentation —The act of furnishing documentary specifications and history of acquisition or <br /> construction of an artwork. <br /> Donor—The person(s), corporation or other organization or concern that donates artwork, as a gift or a <br /> loan to the city of Port Townsend. <br /> 1 Art Policy—Adopted by City Council <br /> October 15, 2007 <br /> G:\City Admin\Clerk\Policies\Policies\ART IN PUBLIC PLACES POLICY AND PROCEDURE.101507.doc <br />